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A $10 Movement of Crypto creates $3,000, over and over again
The Movement of Crypto
Moving lots of Crypto through your hands

The movement of Crypto creates wealth.  You are wealthy in direct proportion to the amount of Crypto passing through your hands.  We pass a lot of Crypto through your hands..

Display Ads Product
Laser Targeted Advertising

You will receive 300 laser targeted ad displays for your initial purchase and receive more as our automated system upgrades you to higher payouts and matching bonuses..

Totally Responsive
Website does telling and selling

Modern, crisp, clean, website and video do all of the sifting, sorting, telling and selling for you.  Just place your affiliate site in front of as many eye-balls as you can.  We do the rest.

Register Free
Nothing to lose, everything to gain

Register for a free account and upgrade when you are ready.  No pressure.

Our members are making money via our automated Crypto Team Building system.

We also offer a very robust PIF System.



The Movement of Crypto creates wealth.  We move Crypto through your hands

HODL GAME - Changing Lives Like No Other Crypto Game


HODL GAME is a unique advertising platform.  There are three primary coins we use.  Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Community members are compensated by sharing our concepyt and platform with others (HODL GAME ads sales)..

All earnings are paid directly to the member's Wallet of choice, which they add to their back office.

Everyone is paid in accordance with our compensation plan (see video above)..

If you like building your crypto, she is.  

If you like a system that produces the fastest spillover available, she is.

If you like 100% Matching Bonuses, she is.

If you like team builds, she is.

If you like Re-entries from a one time payment to earn over and over again, she is.

Cost - $10 one time to start.  No refunds.:
* It's Crypto and that's the beautiy of it all, no chargebacks
* HODLGAME -is a platform for peer to peer transefers

" If you cannot afford to lose your initial outlay, do not join
* Free registration - register now.